1. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-09 04:51

    напомни, пожалуйста, стоит ли тут подробней раскрыть что-то в настройках...

  2. Denis Ivanov
    2015-09-10 11:36

    Я думаю нет - мы решили что детали будут в основном  доке

  3. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-11 08:01

    • Open the window Data Manager. Click the button Add to add your data provider. Select using the online data type... Or click Data and select Datafeed Setup.
    • Give you provider any name you would like to use in future.
    • Set up your provider using the properties received from your data provider and click OK.
    • In the column Operation move the button in the slider to the right to establish connection.
    • The program informs you about the connection status in the window Data Manager. The red color indicates connection errors, the yellow one means that connection is being established at the moment, when the green one means that the connection has been established and you can proceed to trading.
    • Check the box in the column Status bar to activate the slider in the status bar. The color of the slider button informs you about the connection status as well.

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