1. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-08 10:46

    какое значение поставить на картинке для параметра "количество потоков для оптимизации"? или текством прокомментировать?

  2. Denis Ivanov
    2015-09-08 04:38


    по умолчанию - будет использовать - число доступных ядер +1

  3. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-09 12:09

    1. If needed, check the boxes of such general settings as Create backup of workspace, Minimize to tray, Close to tray. Select the Update mode type.  Set up the Proxy server and the Sceduled restart if you need.

    Check the box Load recent workspace to have the recent worksoace at hand when you start TSLab and select the way your workspace should be saved when you close the program.

    2. Check the boxes Script debugging if needed and Stop optimization if RAM is not enough (recommended). Set the values for Script execution timeout, Script cache size and Optimization streams number.

    3. Customize the theme, the font and the font size. Adjust the number of lines in the message log.

    4. Set the crosshair delay value in the chart.

    5. Assign the value in the Order timeout.

    6. Select the block entry size, the connector curve type and the connector path type. Chec the box Show parameter in the block if you want them to be dusplayed in the block.

    7.Assign your own hot keys in addition to the existing ones.

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