1. Denis Ivanov
    2015-08-31 03:38

    Для начала нормально

    Позже надо добавить линки на документацию - справочник по кубикам, как минимум.

  2. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-09 12:21

    • Select Create new script in the menu of the window Script manager. Give your script a name. Your new scipt is now displayed in the script catalogue.  
    • To start building your trading strategy click Edit in the menu of the window Script manager. The Editor field already contains all the necessary building elements - Source, Volume (bars), Chart pane, Close.
    • The Editor Toolbpx contains a variety of building elements you can use to build your trading strategy
    • Drag other elements fom the Editor Toolbar and drop them in the Editor field
    • Connect the building elemetnts according to the idea of your trading strategy
    • Open the Properties to choose the security. Set up the necessry values in the blocks. Save the changes made to the script.

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