1. Denis Ivanov
    2015-08-31 03:58

    надо расписать все кнопки - график, торговые настройки, настройки агента, сам агент, к тому же там кой че переименовали

  2. Denis Ivanov
    2015-08-31 04:36

    Нужно еще сказать про Command Manager - туда генерируются команды от агента

  3. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-11 03:55

    1. Open the window Autotrading Control Center to proceed to trading process. Click Add Agent in the window toolbar.
    2. Select a script to create an agent. Give the agent a trading name if you wish.
    3. Select a limit management type and limit volume.
    4. Define the source and click OK
    5. The new agent is displayed in the list.
    6. Move the button in the slider to the right in the column State to run the agent.
    7. The columns of the tabe contain all information about the agents, such as Account,  Volume of limit, Positions,Slippage, NP/L, P/L and so on.
    8. In case of need you may use the button Stop All Agents  in the right corner of the window toolbar.
    9. Click the button Agent to open a number of windows displaying the agent log, results, trades and parameters.
    10. Press TS in the table to modify the trading settings of the agent
    11. All the events generated by the agent are transmitted to the Message Log


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