1. Natalya Demidova
    2015-09-10 03:41

    • Use the window Orders Manager to create an order.
    • Select an instrument.
    • Define quantity and price (if there is a need) in the suitable window - Rapid Order, Order or Conditional Order.
    • Click the buttons on the button pane to place your order...
    • ...Or use the window Depth of Market (on the left) to place your order by clicking the proper lines and columns (My Buy, Buy, My Sell, Sell, Price)  in the queue. Move your order in the Depth of Market lines to change its price easily.
    • All Trades provide you with information about the trades involving the watched instruments, which have been made in the exchange during the trading day
    • The window Positions give you data showing the current status of the positions in your account
    • The window My Trades contains information about all the executed trades of yours
    • The window My Orders contains all orders you placed via TSLab

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